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*sigh* why am i better than everyone


Death Note Opening 2 | Maximum the Hormone - WHATS UP PEOPLE
The only thing that can keep a fire from dying
and give it more power, is wind.


imagine being rich and a fan of anime. like, millionaire. want a figure? buy ten. like what a characters wearing one episode? hello personal tailor. want some merch but u cant find anything cool? who cares. pay someone to make some just for u. completely in love with one character? buy a fucking custom-made life sized wax figure. oh man. the dream

" I've always chased after you, I've wanted to catch up with you,
I wanted to walk beside you all the time,
I want to be by your side for always.
You changed me, Naruto! "
"Thanks to you, dear girl, my soul has finally found peace. Don't say a thing.. Take care of Gray." 


" I Believe in the strength of HUMAN love ... "

Nagisa || Free! Eternal Summer Ep 04